XBRL Consulting and Training

We provide consulting and training in XBRL solutions for SEC-US, HMRC-UK, MCA-India and other XBRL regulators worldwide.

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XBRL Tagging, Conversion and Analytic Tools

Softpark's ResearchPoint-XBRL is the only XBRL tagging and conversion tools that supports automatic tagging. Softpark has developed suite of applications and tools that support XBRL analytic requirements.

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Data aggregation and analytics - a Softpark Service provides XBRL conversion service and XBRL tagging tools for financial regulatory filings such as Corporation Tax - Accounts and Computations for HMRC UK, and 10-K, 10-Q for SEC USA Softpark 21 offers Oil and Gas Hedging, Production, Average Sales and Realised Price, CAPEX and Fundamental Data for Data Analytics and Research.

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